Representative Tulsi Gabbard

Representative for Hawaii's 2nd congressional district, Democrat

Top Industries
#IndustryYr AmountCareer Amount
1Securities & Investment$60,807$76,307
3Lawyers/Law Firms$51,957$102,485
4Real Estate$51,635$99,939
5Building Trade Unions$46,000$85,000
7Sea Transport$37,900$53,150
8Health Professionals$37,258$84,009
9Women's Issues$35,507$87,418
10Public Sector Unions$32,500$74,000
Top Donors 2014
#DonorYr AmountCareer Amount
1Navatek Ltd$15,500$15,500
2Nan Inc$15,200$22,700
3Vedanta Capital$12,900$12,900
4State of Hawaii$11,750$22,570
5Matson Inc$11,000$11,000
6Mosaic Media Group$10,400$10,400
7Grosvenor Capital Management$10,200$10,200
8Upcountry Fitness$10,200$10,200$10,000$20,000
10Ironworkers Union$10,000$20,000

Bio Information

GABBARD, Tulsi, (1981 - ) Image courtesy of the Member GABBARD, Tulsi, a Representative from Hawaii; born in Leloaloa, American Samoa, April 12, 1981; B.S.B.A., Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2009; member of the Hawaii state house of representatives, 2002-2004; Hawaii Army National Guard, 2003-present; staff, Senator Daniel Akaka of Hawaii; member of the Honolulu, Hawaii, city council, 2010-2012; elected as a Democrat to the One Hundred Thirteenth Congress (January 3, 2013-present).

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