Senator Jon Tester

Senior Senator from Montana, Democrat

Top Industries
#IndustryYr AmountCareer Amount
1Lawyers/Law Firms$1,409,321$1,903,365
3Securities & Investment$754,856$1,000,230
5Leadership PACs$423,750$574,602
6Commercial Banks$376,368$437,388
7Real Estate$360,521$458,591
9Health Professionals$279,673$393,267
Top Donors 2014
#DonorYr AmountCareer Amount
1League of Conservation Voters$145,261$150,251
2Blackstone Group$74,300$76,400
3JPMorgan Chase & Co$57,000$58,200
4WPP Group$46,600$51,100
5Thornton & Naumes$46,600$46,600
6Visa Inc$46,400$47,400
7Council for a Livable World$42,396$83,480
8Voices for Progress$34,000$34,000
9Girardi & Keese$34,000$34,000
10Goldman Sachs$33,000$43,800

Bio Information

TESTER, Jon, (1956 - ) Senate Years of Service: 2007- Party: Democrat TESTER, Jon, a Senator from Montana; born in Havre, Mont., on August 21, 1956; graduated College of Great Falls 1978, farmer; teacher; member, Big Sandy school board 1983-1992 (chairman 1986-1991); Montana State senate 1999-2006, serving as minority whip 2001-2003, minority leader 2003-2005, president 2005-2006; elected as a Democrat to the United States Senate in 2006 for the term commencing January 3, 2007; reelected in 2012 for the term ending January 3, 2019; chair, Committee on Indian Affairs (One Hundred Thirteenth Congress [February 12, 2014-]).

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