Every School Could Have Gigabit Internet

For less than the cost of a single F35 fighter jet every school in american could have gigabit internet.

There are a little less than 100,000 publicly funded elementary and secondary schools for the 2014 school year

More than 99% of elementary, middle and high schools are already connected to fiber networks capable of providing gigabit internet or are within 1 mile of dark fiber that could be lit providing gigabit internet. Almost all municipalities have the legal leverage to negotiate with service providers that would like to reach their residents to connect municipal and publicly funded educational buildings to the gigabit network.

What's lacking is the institutional will and experience to negotiate the right terms.

Municipalities regulate who gets to dig up their streets to lay anything from water pipe, electrical lines to fiber optic cable for internet. Confusingly this legal power is known as a franchise rights. It has nothing to do with franchises like McDonalds or Burger King. Because local officials don't generally think of internet as a voting issue they have not used the negotiation over franchise terms to improve their communities with gigabit internet access.

Last Mile

Last Mile

Using the leverage of franchise agreements make last mile connections to dark fiber that is already laid.

Central NOC

Centralized Operations

Centralize network management as a publicly bid multi-year contract to reduce ongoing costs.

Long term service contracts

Package as a service

Schools contribute reasonable and sustainable resources paid from infrastructur budgets for long terms contracts with specific service level agreements.

Be heard on internet issues from speed and performance to internet discrimination and fast lanes. We're here to represent your interests in the conversation in washington and to bring 10G fiber to your door. Don't let the cable companies and big telco win without putting up a fight!